Hybrid Terminal Blocks

Combine both screw and push-in connection

  • April 15, 2021
  • Hybrid Terminal Blocks
    Hybrid Terminal Blocks

Onka aims at strengthening the coordination between assembler and final user with these hybrid terminal blocks which combine both screw and push-in connection. Hybrid terminal blocks avoid the question of “push in or screw connection?” in projects which speed and safety are prioritized by assembler and operator. In addition, panels become more ergonomic and aesthetics with 90° connection possibilities for cables coming from different directions. Last, the product performs under all criteria of 60947-7-1 directives.

Key features

The hybrid terminal block is available as of 2,5 and 6mm2 sizes, with 10 colour options. The range goes from 0,34 to 6 mm² range, with/without insulated cord end terminal, single-core/multi-wire (flexible) connections. Dekafix and roll labelling system are currently provided. Distribution and collection solutions with multi-connection circuit and bridging withing rated current are possible as well. The available accessories are: 35 mm Din Rail, 2,5 and 6 mm2 Upper Bridges, MRK and OPK Series Dekafix and Roll Labelling Systems, and MRK and OPK Series Stoppers.

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