Industrial Careers Pathway Promotes Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day, taking place on October 2, gives industrial distributors the chance to support their manufacturer suppliers and customers. Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP) decided to endorse this event

  • September 17, 2015
  • Industrial Careers Pathway Promotes Manufacturing Day
    Industrial Careers Pathway Promotes Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day, approaching on October 2, 2015, presents a great opportunity for industrial distributors to support their manufacturer suppliers and customers. Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP) has signed on as an endorser of this event. ICP has long advocated for industrial distributors to host company tours for students and community members as well as attend classroom talks and career fairs to talk about and raise awareness of industrial distribution as a career field in communities across North America. With many manufacturers opening their doors to the community on October 2, ICP encourages their distributor partners to join in the fun.

In fact, ICP hosts an Ambassador Corps of over 100 individuals who have led the charge in their communities. Anyone employed by an ICP Alliance Partner member company can join the Ambassador Corps to help educate people about the incredibly rewarding field of industrial distribution.

The ICP website at offers some ideas for distributors to link up with manufacturing companies to showcase the full spectrum of getting product to market in the industrial sector. You'll also find links to the Manufacturing Day website where you can find out who in your area is hosting an event.

In addition to providing visibility about entry-level careers in industrial distribution, ICP develops and delivers useful programs, services and tools to help industrial distributors recruit, on-board, hire, manage, train and retain Millennial employees. An example is the training program, Elements of Industrial Distribution, which is available at a discount for companies with membership in ICP partner associations. ICP also publishes the ICP Talent Tipsheet, a quick-read eblast that helps employers with retaining and managing Millennial employees, a great resource for human resources professionals.

ICP is a multifaceted North American workforce initiative supported by an alliance of industry associations including American Supply Association, Industrial Supply Association Education Foundation, National Association of Chemical Distributors, National Association of Electrical Distributors, NAHAD-The Association for Hose & Accessories Distribution, NIBA-The Belting Association, and PTDA Foundation.

For more information, visit, contact ICP at or call +1.312.516.2100.

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