Integrated Encoder for Flat Motors

Very short design with 6.2 mm of additional length

  • Integrated Encoder for Flat Motors
    Integrated Encoder for Flat Motors

Faulhaber brings integrated encoder for flat motors to market with an expansion to the BXT motor family of brushless DC-motors with very short design, with the diameter-complaint IEF3-4096 magnetic encoder. It has only 6.2 mm of additional length, thus, the motor/encoder units remain extremely short. Moreover, the encoder is fully integrated in the robust motor housing. The IEF3-4096 provides three channels with index function and a high resolution of up to 4096 lines per revolution

Suitable for applications including robotics, medical technology, laboratory automation and industrial automation

In addition, the IEF3-4096 L constitutes a variant with line driver. The encoder can be combined with the 2214…BXT H, 3216…BXT H and 4221…BXT H housed BXT motors. The combination of the BXT motors with the IEF3-4096 encoder is the ideal solution for precise positioning with high torque in constrained spaces. The encoder is connected with a ribbon cable. 

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