Linear DC-Servomotors

With axial connection

  • Linear DC-Servomotors
    Linear DC-Servomotors

Faulhaber further extends its linear DC-Servomotor product range with new versions aimed at facilitating product integration inside your application. The new linear servomotors integrate an axial type connection to satisfy constrained space require- ments in applications where performance and size cannot be compromised. The new axial coupling also improves the mechanical robustness of the connection to electronic controllers. LM 2070 and LM 1247 respectively provide a peak force of up to 27,6 N and 10,7 N. They are available with different stroke lengths ranging from 20 to 120 mm for LM 1247 and up to 220 mm for LM 2070. These linear servomotors integrate analog Hall sensors or sin/cos type sensors to match your posi- tioning needs without requiring an external encoder. LM 2070 can be coupled to MCLM 3003 or MCLM 3006 drive electronics while the new miniature MCLM 3002 controller suits the LM1247. Motion controllers are available with Serial or CAN interface. The linear DC-Servomotor product family also includes our smallest motor LM 0830 measuring just 8x12x30 mm and weighing only 17 grams. The easy to use Motion Manager Software, for use with the analog Hall sensor version, is included.

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