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Planetary Gearhead
Planetary Gearhead

The Wittenstein Group will show its newest milestones at Motek 2015. When the first low-backlash SP planetary gearheads were manufactured by WITTENSTEIN alpha back in 1983, a new era dawned for decentralized drive technology. Since then, more than two million low-backlash planetary gearheads have come off the production line. The newest high speed version, the SP+ HIGH SPEED - which currently sets the benchmark in applications where maximum speeds are essential during continuous operation - will be on show at Motek. In spring 2015, WITTENSTEIN took the leap from low-backlash to backlash-free with the Galaxie Drive System - another highlight among the exhibits at this year's Motek.

Two years previously in 2013, WITTENSTEIN alpha launched the world's first Hygienic Design planetary gearhead with EHEDG1 certification, which caters for the needs of the food processing and packaging industry. This gearhead enables hygienic machine designs as well as safer processing, filling and packaging. Converting rotational into linear movements is the challenge confronting the cyber force motors made by WITTENSTEIN cyber motor. These linear actuators, featuring a fully integrated threaded screw, set benchmarks with a novel feature; owing to their patented lubrication system, the ball screw can be regreased during operation without having to stop the machine for maintenance. 1 EHEDG: European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

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