Piezo Rotary Motor

With 17 mm diameter

  • Piezo Rotary Motor
    Piezo Rotary Motor

PiezoMotor in Uppsala, Sweden, presents the new Piezo LEGS rotary motor LR17 with an integrated encoder. It is distributed by FAULHABER. The device is the supplier's smallest rotary motor yet, and the first in a new series of rotary Piezo LEGS motors with integrated absolute encoders. This small compact designed motor (17 mm diam.) has all the benefits coming from the Piezo LEGS technology. The stall torque from the motor is 30 mNm, which is high compared to its small size. Because of the self-locking feature of the friction drive, the motor can hold position without consuming any power. The integrated 15 bit magnetic absolute encoder gives a closed loop resolution of 0.2 milli-radians (0.01º), and as always with the Piezo LEGS technology, you get an amazing sub-micro-radian resolution in open loop.

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