Linear DC-servomotors

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  • Linear DC-servomotors
    Linear DC-servomotors

To impressively demonstrate the properties of the linear DC servomotors from FAULHABER through visual means, the industrial designers and engineers at MKT AG (Olching) and flying saucer GmbH (Berlin) drew inspiration from the anthozoa class, a type of coral.


Created in collaboration with FAULHABER, the "PROJECT ANTHOZOA" sculpture perfectly replicates the smooth movements of the marine invertebrates. The advantages of the FAULHABER linear drives are thereby artistically illustrated: flowing, living movement without cogging torque, a strictly linear force-current ratio, high dynamics, exact position control. A total of 120 of these linear DC servomotors with an equal number of FAULHABER Motion Controllers are at work in this fascinating work of art to impressively demonstrate the perfected choreography of flowing movement.

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