Power in New Dimensions

Applications in the areas of robotics, prosthetics, laboratory automation, medical device technology, pumps or aircraft cabin equipment require high torque in a very short length. No problem with the innovative FAULHABER BXT motor series.

  • Power in New Dimensions
    Power in New Dimensions

Power in new dimensions

Today, you don't find visionary designs in Hollywood, but rather in the development departments of innovative companies. Requirements for drives are changing – particularly when high-torque motors are required that are as short as possible in the axial direction due to limited installation space, it is often difficult to find a suitable solution. With the innovative BXT motor series, FAULHABER extends the limits of what is possible for such requirements.

New standards for "traditional" dimensions

More power in a very small space – from robotics to prosthetics and even in the medical and laboratory technology: this requirement arises frequently. In terms of making compact yet still extremely high-torque motors, the design of the motor winding and its production are critical. This is where FAULHABER comes in, who has developed the new FAULHABER BXT motor family on the basis of traditional external-rotor motors. Thanks to innovative winding technology and an optimised design, the brushless flat DC-Micromotors offer torques of up to 134 mNm at diameters of 22 mm, 32 mm and 42 mm. This means the compact motors significantly exceed the previous output values in this drive class.

Particularly the ratio of torque to installation space and weight is much better than what is common on the market. As the motors are only 14 mm, 16 mm and 21 mm short in the axial direction, they are easy to accommodate in applications that offer little space.

The three sizes can solve many different drive challenges. For a forearm prosthesis, for example, the small motor can be used for the hand and the mid-sized one for the elbow. Other possible applications for the small compact drives are robot grippers, industrial automation, humanoid robots and even bio-robotics.

The motors also have other impressive characteristics such as good synchronisation properties, which is advantageous for dialysis machines and medical pumps, for example. Thanks to the high copper filling factor and the design of the pole shoes, the magnetic field is strong and the cogging torque very small. The efficiency of the motors significantly exceeds that of comparable motors of this size and design.

For example, the motors offer a continuous output of up to 100 W. Customised modifications on the electrical and mechanical interfaces of the motors are available. The motors feature standard single strands and thus offer a flexible electrical interface for a wide range of applications. A plug concept for the connection of controls is also provided. The series is designed for speed ranges of up to 10,000 rpm and can be combined with a wide variety of gears, encoders, brakes and drive electronics from the FAULHABER product range. This modular system offers a perfectly matched drive system. The motors are equipped with digital Hall sensors from factory. Thanks to the high number of poles, the speed of the motors can be controlled very precisely with only the digital Hall sensors.

The motors are available with or without housing. The unhoused BXT R models are particularly recommended for speed-controlled applications in which high powers are transformed, as the heat is optimally dissipated in the unhoused versions. However, it must be ensured that the rotor can rotate freely during use. The housed version BXT H is particularly recommended for positioning applications, as it can be combined with a wide variety of optical and magnetic encoders. The housings of the BXT H serve as protection against touching as well as dirt, are diameter-compliant and thus just as compact as the unhoused BXT R motors.

A strong "heart"

The powerful heart of the visionary motors is the electromagnetic design of stator and rotor. With 14 powerful NdFeB single magnets on the rotor and 12 teeth on the stator, proven technologies are combined with an innovative winding technology. The copper fill factor in the active part of the winding is exceptionally high, while the space used was kept to a minimum through the way the wires are laid.