Intuitive Robot Programming Suite

Compatible with common collaborative robots and gripper families

  • Intuitive Robot Programming Suite
    Intuitive Robot Programming Suite

Artiminds RPS is a robot programming suite from Artiminds that combines online and offline programming in a unique package to create complex robot programs without writing any line of code. It supports most common collaborative and classic industrial robots (UR, six-axis, with KR C4 or RC8 controller, and more) as well as force-torque sensors, gripper families and vision sensors. The user chooses a robot and gripper from the list of supported hardware components, configures the mountings in the robot configurator and automatically test network connectivity.

Reduces trial & error time and gives access to low-level parameters for experts

Then the user can drag&drop a template into the RPS program, start the wizard of the template and follow the few graphical step-by-step instructions. The ‘simulate’ button helps compute all motions and add transfer motions automatically, which can be inspected in the 3D visualization and automatically checked for collisions. Besides, RPS will automatically generate robot code, copy it to the robot and deliver debug tools to run it, without any extra hardware. Last, the user can connect to the robot in order to analyze it as well as gripper motions as live data.

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