Inverters provide energy saving

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Inverters provide energy saving
Inverters provide energy saving
Inverters provide energy saving
Inverters provide energy saving
Inverters provide energy saving
Inverters provide energy saving

Type MCH 75kW inverters have been chosen to optimise energy usage on chiller compressors as of part of the HVAC system serving the new highly prestigious Palazzo Versace in Dubai. Designed for HVAC applications, the MCH inverters effectively address the twin issues of material and labour costs in HVAC installations with their competitive pricing and "Contractor Ready" packaging.

The Palazzo Versace is one of the world's first fashion-branded residences and resort chains, overlooking the waters of Dubai Creek. It is designed to deliver the ultimate in luxurious lifestyles through the grandeur of its interiors.

A major element in ensuring this lifestyle experience is control of climate within the Palazzo Versace. This is essential, especially during the summer months when average daily temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius are experienced in Dubai, together with high levels of humidity.

Lenze in the United Arab Emirates is experienced at handling these conditions, having completed many HVAC- based drives projects locally. The company has good relations with most of the consultants and clients in region, and is known for its after sales service. In addition, Lenze regularly runs seminars aimed at educating users of HVAC systems how best to control and reduce their energy usage through using AC inverter drives to achieve optimised climate control. It was following one of these seminars, in December of 2010, that Lenze received an enquiry from the contractors for the Palazzo Versace.

The project at the Palazzo Versace involved supplying AC inverters to control the chiller compressors, part of the AHU on the new building. The drives, six 75kW units in total were required to optimise the compressor motor speed to satisfy actual cooling demand and reduce the consumption of energy. They interface with the Building Management System in the Palazzo Versace to save energy in off- peak hours according to demand.

The 75 kW, MCH Type MH41000B drives were chosen for the project, they are competitively priced, and deliver the additional benefit of providing cost savings for the installer with their ‘Contractor Ready’ design.

The MCH Series drives were designed for the HVAC market recognising that management of labour and material costs is essential in every HVAC installation. This principle realized in features such as standardised designs that shorten lead times; oversized terminals that simplify control wiring; generous space for wire runs; top and bottom conduit knockouts for easy entry; input disconnect and fusing; line reactors; 3-contactor bypass; hinged doors that provide easy access to all connections; and plain English programming for smooth start-ups.

The sum total of these features meant that Lenze UAE offered an attractive package for the Palazzo Versace - and at a competitive cost. In addition Lenze they provided extensive levels of support, working closely with the installer of the HVAC system on the installation and commissioning of the six MH41000B drives into HVAC control panels, which are situated in an air-conditioned area kept permanently below 35ºCelsius.

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