Lifecycle Services for Industrial Data Networks

Support to enhance design, maintenance and security of critical data communications infrastructures

  • February 19, 2024
  • Lifecycle Services for Industrial Data Networks
    Lifecycle Services for Industrial Data Networks

Westermo has launched a range of pre-packaged service agreements to help manufacturers, utilities, transport and other industries maintain, secure and improve data communication networks throughout their lifecycle. The increasing reliance on data communications to run critical applications places greater emphasis on reliability and security. Through the use of Westermo's extensive experience and expertise, organisations will be able to improve network performance and maximise availability of operations..

“The need for more robust and reliable data communications continues to grow, but achieving this requires more than just state-of-the-art products. It is also essential to have a reliable and accessible partner with the right expertise to support companies throughout the lifecycle of their networks," states Peter Ahlström, services product manager at Westermo.

Analysis of status and ongoing advice

The service agreements, which can cover a specific installation, facility or geographical region, include comprehensive technical support. Prioritised rapid response teams are available to diagnose problems and help minimise network downtime. In order to combat cyber threats, Westermo will identify vulnerabilities in the network and provide corrective measures. Ongoing cyber security advice is provided. A security incident response team is available to provide immediate support if required. Online and face-to-face certified training courses are designed to increase the efficiency of commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting, ultimately improving network performance and reliability.

Many organisations lack the necessary in-house expertise to implement and maintain critical data networks. Westermo has a wealth of experience, which enables us to provide essential advice on implementation, operation and maintenance,” explains Alice Frykberg, services and support manager at Westermo. “The new service agreements allow our customers to leverage our expertise, enabling them to reduce the complexity of network design and ensure continued high levels of availability and performance over the lifecycle of the network.”

The service agreements are backed by extended warranties for Westermo hardware, which is designed and built to have a long life cycle. This helps to maximise the availability of the network, reduce the total cost of ownership and improve sustainability by increasing the efficiency of material resources. Firmware updates improve the performance, functionality and security features of the Westermo WeOS operating system. Complementing the new service agreements is Westermo's online service portal, which supports improved asset management. It increases the efficiency of firmware updates and spare parts handling by providing easy access to consolidated information on installed products. The portal also provides notifications of security vulnerabilities before they are made available to the public and notifications of new firmware releases. This helps to maximise network performance and combat the growing threat of cyber-attacks