Light Curtains

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Light Curtains
Light Curtains

Including a reflector foil already pre-mounted to the back of the sensor´s housing to serve as a reflector for the neighboring light curtain, Wenglor´s Light Curtains thusly reduce the efforts for installation and wiring as well as the initial start-up costs. An integrated two-color job display (green/red) indicates a correct or incorrect parts picking process to the user. It is clearly visible at a 360º radius to the user and makes a diagnosis possible even when the actual control panel is not visible. The job display can be switched over from blink mode to shine mode, and the output can be switched over from NO to NC. The respective configuration of functions is done with the push of a single button via the Teach key. Enclosed in robust aluminum housings, the light curtains work with visible red light and ensure a range of 2000 mm. With metering panel heights of 120, 270, and 420 mm and a beam spacing of 30 mm they are suited for the use in storage locations as well as for commissioning tasks in the logistics and automotive industries.

Edited by: Teoman Tugsuz

Posted on May 18, 2011 - (1194 views)
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