Linear Conveyor Solution Book

Yamaha presents a new compact conveyor concept that offers both speed and flexibility

  • Linear Conveyor Solution Book
    Linear Conveyor Solution Book

Free-flow conveyors, such as roller conveyors and belt conveyors, are the most common transport method in assembly lines. However, these conventional conveyor types tend to have slow transfer speeds which increase takt time. They also require various components, including stoppers or sensors at each stop position. 

A new linear conveyor concept

The LCM100 Linear Conveyor Module by Yamaha Motor features a moving magnet type linear motor which allows transfer speeds as fast as 3 m/sec. Sliders are individually controlled by servos, eliminating the need for stoppers, and sensors, while ensuring smooth deceleration and stops. By eliminating workpiece deviation problems the LCM100 enables a system which offers both high-speed and high-accuracy material handling.

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