Liquid Concentration Measurement

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The LiquiSonic® inline analytical technology from SensoTech is Used in Pickling, Cold Rolling and Galvanic Processes

Sensor Technology

Liquid Concentration Measurement
Liquid Concentration Measurement

Using the LiquiSonic® inline analytical technology from SensoTech, the concentration of acids or leaches in pickling baths, of oil emulsions at cold rolling mills or of metal salts in galvanic processes can be monitored online. The LiquiSonic® sensor will be installed directly into the pipe and is made of stainless steel or corrosion-resistant material. Due to the robust design, the sensor is maintenance-free with long life time. The high-power technology is based on sonic velocity measurement providing highly precise and stable measurement results every second.

The LiquiSonic® controller displays the measurement data und sends a signal immediately, if measurement results exceed or fall below thresholds. Integrating the controller into the corporate network, the operation from any workplace is possible. Via 4-20 mA output, digital outputs, serial interfaces or fieldbus such as Profibus DB or Modbus, the real-time information can be sent to the control system for process automation.

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