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M12-based Ethernet switches for rail application
M12-based Ethernet switches for rail application

TE offers new industrial managed M12-based Ethernet switches for rail application. These EN50155 Managed Ethernet switches enable secure and reliable Gigabit-speed networks even in tough network environments such as the ones on railway rolling stock, where vibration levels are extreme. They comprise state-of-the-art hardware and firmware to provide optional Power over Ethernet (PoE), redundancy functions, easy management and advanced operation. These Ethernet switches can be used in networks running at speeds from 100Mbps up to 10 Gbps.

Fit the use in passenger information, entertainment systems and surveillance systems

Additionally, TE launches a series of complementary PoE splitters and injectors adjacent to the existing portfolio consisting of unmanaged switches. Egbert Stellinga, I/O Innovator at TE Connectivity explains: “These switches now enable TE connectivity to be a key partner for onboard ethernet networks, as they connect the connectors, cables and antennas already available in our portfolio. Their Gigabit performance will help our customers save on future investments, while the optional PoE capability cuts costs straight away by eliminating the need to run separate power lines. Their high reliability, thanks to such features as built-in redundancy and their ability to be managed remotely, saves maintenance costs, and they are also highly resistant to hacking.”

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