Ruggedized Railway Connectors

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Better network performance through safe and reliable data transmission

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Ruggedized Railway Connectors
Ruggedized Railway Connectors

The right-angle X-Code M12 connectors by TE Connectivity are made to strengthen the network performance and lower assembly time, for railway applications. They provide safe and reliable data transmission speed of 10Gb/s in any environment. The X-Code M12 is conform to the European standard EN45545 governing fire performance of materials and parts in railway applications and is rated IP67 for resistance to liquid and dust due to the O-rings. 

Onboard Ethernet networks connecting passenger information, entertainment system and surveillance system to the train network

The connectors size only 42.5 mm high with a 360-degree shielding comprising a combination between the connector and the cables matching to gain optimal connectivity. They also come partially pre-assembled with jacket crimping, giving the possibility to reducing cable breakage, therefore, reducing the maintenance needs. Furthermore, they provide a stable surface to connect cable braiding to keep the all-round shielding intact and minimizing network disturbances.  

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