Master-Class in Field Force Effectiveness

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How to ensure that huge investments generate the return needed to drive organizational effectiveness

Master-Class in Field Force Effectiveness
Master-Class in Field Force Effectiveness

The field force continues to be one of the largest investment companies make. This Master-class ensures that this huge investment generates the return needed to drive organizational effectiveness, despite the relentless pace of change in today’s pharmaceutical environment. Participants will leave prepared to ensure that they know the key skills/behaviours/competencies that drive success in today’s environment. The Master-class will be held in London on the 21st-22nd of September.

The facilitator

The facilitator of this exclusive masterclass is Mr James Gehrke, MS Sr. Learning Strategist Author – Facilitator Magnify Leadership & Development.
He has 25+ years working with Fortune 100 companies helping them improve leadership effectiveness. He is the author of Magnify Change Leadership: A Practical Guide for Leading Teams in Times of Change; has a Master’s of Science in Organizational Management and Leadership, he is also a Sr. Learning Strategist and modern personal leadership and effectiveness “pilgrim” with Magnify Leadership and Development who has lead groups on personal and team “pilgrimages” of self-discovery, development and mastery in 50+ countries.



  • Discover how to overcome current barriers to field force effectiveness
  • Learn how to identify and train key field force skills/competencies/behaviours
  • Explore Real life case studies, Methodologies and thought provoking insights
  • Develop key managerial skills to sustain optimal field force performance
  • Obtain free workshop aids/ performance tools and highly interactive sessions
  • Journey from the status quo to new performance
  • Increase growth and Improve your customer retention
  • Ensure your investments generates the return needed
  • Realise which style of leadership best drives change and role of first line manager
  • Receive tailor made approach on how to Improve your field force effectiveness.
Posted on July 25, 2016 - (578 views)
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