Mechatronic Drive Technology

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Mechatronic Drive Technology
Mechatronic Drive Technology

WITTENSTEIN drive technology demonstrates how security can be incorporated into mechanical and mechatronic drive solutions. This applies in all kinds of industries - from food processing through robotics and medical technology to the aerospace sector and offshore oil extraction.

In addition to extreme environments like airspace or ocean floors, specialized industrial requirements also demand absolute safety. The food and pharmaceutical industries are a good example: WITTENSTEIN alpha's stainless steel Hygienic Design gearhead series was developed in response to the ever stricter hygienic requirements stipulated there and the new customer needs arising from them. The optimized materials and special design principles effectively stop cleaning fluids or product residues from adhering to the surfaces and encouraging breeding grounds to form for bacteria. They help fight microorganisms and thus prevent contamination in foodstuffs.

The software alpha's cymex 3 gives customers efficient and functionally safe sizing and implementation of complete powertrains, and allows downsizing opportunities to be identified along with additional options for improving resource efficiency. More than 10,000 motors from all leading manufacturers in what is the biggest library of its kind anywhere in the world support optimal sizing and evaluation of complete powertrains comprised of an application, transformation, gearhead and motor.

Posted on August 28, 2014 - (1788 views)
Wittenstein AG
97999 Igersheim - Germany
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