Drive System with High Torque Density

Extraordinary stiffness and zero backlash

  • Drive System with High Torque Density
    Drive System with High Torque Density

Wittenstein launches the Galaxie Drive System. The design includes a hollow shaft, very high torque density and stiffness and zero backlash. The core at the centre of the drive system is a gearhead of the same name. In contrast to conventional gearhead technologies with typical linear gear tooth contact, the new product transmits power via a ring gear which generates significantly larger hydrodynamic surface contact. As a result, the drive system can reach extraordinary performance capabilities. The drive system has more than six times the internal hydrodynamic surface contact area of a traditional gearhead with the same outer diameter. Some features are: max. torque +70 ... +170%, emergency stop torque +150 ...+300%, torsional rigidity +340 ...+580%, efficiency +18 ...+29, hollow shaft/outer diameter +3 ...+70%.

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