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Integrated Motor & Gear Head

Comes with various motor outputs up to 152 kW

Posted on October 14, 2011 - ( views)

by Teoman Tugsuz

Developed for high end linear drive solutions, the RPM+ from WITTENSTEIN provides optimal functionality when installed and is operated in a highly precise, dynamic, linear rack-and-pinion system. The brake is accommodated in the cavity underneath the winding head, saving 10 to 15 mm in length. Thusly, the unit is 30 to 50% shorter than rival actuators boasting similar performance. Available in four sizes with reduction ratios from 4 to 220, the motor-gear head unit comes with various motor outputs up to 152 kW. In its role as an actuator for high performance linear systems, it offers higher tilting moments, feeding forces up to 112 kN, maximum speeds up to 400 m/min and sophisticated integration as well as design concepts with enhanced functionality, intelligent assembly and considerable potential for downsizing.

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