SP+ and TP+ gearhead

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25% higher torques

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SP+ and TP+ gearhead
SP+ and TP+ gearhead

The SP+ and TP+ series of gearheads feature higher torques– up to 25%, depending on the version – thus raising the power density of what are in any case incredibly compact gearheads. Users can profit from this extra torque to ''downsize'', that is to say they can select a smaller –and hence cheaper – gearhead without compromising its specification.The optimal gearhead design can be determined with the help of the company's new cymex 3 sizing tool, which additionally features an integrated calculator for energy consumption. Efficient utilisation of energyis guaranteed from the outset. The permissible radial forces of the SP+ gearheads have likewise been improved, making these types more robust than ever. This also gives customers the welcome liberty to choose a smaller and more efficient size. Finally, the optimised teeth ensure an even higher level of reliability in day-to-day operation. These low-backlash planetary gearheads are quieter than ever before.

Posted on May 1, 2009 - (367 views)
Wittenstein AG
97999 Igersheim - Germany
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