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Axetris micro-optics offers ranges from refractive micro-optic lenses and lens arrays to diffractive optical elements in silicon and fused silica, covering the entire wavelength range from UV to mid IR

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Micro-optical-lenses and lens arrays in Silicon and Fused Silica
Micro-optical-lenses and lens arrays in Silicon and Fused Silica

Axetris designs and manufactures micro-optical-lenses and lens arrays in Silicon and Fused Silica for applications ranging from UV to mid IR.

Axetris serves customers from various industries such as fiber-optic communications, optical sensing, metrology, laser systems, medical applications etc. Axetris standard micro-optics products include fast and slow axis collimators for high power laser diode bars, fiber micro-lens arrays and aspheric micro-lenses and arrays for edge emitting laser diodes and VCSEL.

Axetris custom solutions for OEM customers includes binary and multilevel diffraction gratings, Shack-Hartmann micro-lens arrays, custom micro-lenses and arrays in Silicon and fused Silica. 

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