Mitsubishi Electric Extends its System Integrator Program to Germany

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Benefits for all parties

Mitsubishi Electric Extends its System Integrator Program to Germany
Mitsubishi Electric Extends its System Integrator Program to Germany

Following successful introductions in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and most recently Italy, Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its innovative EMEA based System Integrator program into Germany. Membership of the program gives system integrators access to hardware, software and a host of offers from Mitsubishi Electric, in return for training up staff in these products.
This dedicated Mitsubishi Electric System Integrator program is supposed to bring benefits for all parties including its e-F@ctory Alliance partners, the system integrators and the end users. By getting staff fully qualified in Mitsubishi hardware and software, system integrators are in the best position to deliver the right solutions for end users. The systems integrators in return get access to offers and e-F@ctory partner solutions.
Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Industrial Automation, Manager Sales Operations, Bernd Wieseler comments: "Everyone has a lot to gain from this program. System integrators get a unique set of tools and better access to advanced automation solutions that will drive their businesses forwards and bring real benefits to their customers. For Mitsubishi Electric, and our partners, we ensure that we have a highly qualified system integrator network that can best demonstrate the functional advantages of our combined technologies.

Posted on October 15, 2012 - (541 views)
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