Moog and Voith in Talks to Establish a Joint Venture

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The drive solutions suppliers aim to innovate and explore new markets

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Motors & Drives

Service works at Reisseck hydropower plant ensuring plant operation and long-term production (Voith)
Service works at Reisseck hydropower plant ensuring plant operation and long-term production (Voith)

Moog Inc. and Voith Group share the same expertise: they develop, manufacture, and supply electric, hydraulic and hybrid drive solutions for industrial markets.
The new partnership aims to enter new markets and expand the hydrostatic servo-hydraulic business by focusing on research and development as well as design and assembly. 

Rutesheim, a center for innovation

The upcoming Moog-Voith venture will be based in Rutesheim
In Rutesheim, Hartmann and Lämmle, a Voith subsidiary, already works as a competence center for hydraulic drive systems since 1965. On the premises, the team focuses on innovative components and systems, especially for applications in the mechanical engineering industry and material processing. 

Posted on October 6, 2019 - (690 views)
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