Multi-touch Operating Panels ETT

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Equipped with an ARM-based EDGE2 Technology dual-core processor


Multi-touch Operating Panels ETT
Multi-touch Operating Panels ETT

With the ETT series, SIGMATEK launches operating panels that optimally combine multi-touch functionality in hard and software. The modern HMIs enable new, smart operating concepts that provide positive operating experience and conveys "zeitgeist".

Equipped with an ARM-based EDGE2 Technology dual-core processor, the ETT panels provide high performance (2x 800 MHz) with low power usage. 512 Mbytes of DDR RAM for internal program and data memory, 512-Mbyte storage (microSD) for data logging, recipe and alarm management are also standard functions, as well as a 2D and 3D graphics accelerator. Even with graphically complex operating surfaces, the ETTs are in their element.

In the new SIGMATEK HMIs, projective capacitive touch technology (PCT) is used, by which the sensors are protected on the back of the robust, solid surface of the glass front (IP65 protection). Up to 10-finger input, as well as the use of styluses and thin gloves are possible. For now, there are five ETT display sizes: 8.4 - 10.4 - 12.1 - 15 and 19-inch in classic 4:3 format.

The thinly constructed panels - with only a 48 mm installation depth - can be mounted directly on the machine, an operating console or integrated into the control cabinet and are therewith suited for the most varying areas of use. The interfaces are particularly selected, so that the HMIs fit in any machine and equipment configuration: 2x Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB OTG (On-the-Go) and 1x CAN bus. 8 digital in and outputs each are also on board, which can be used for command and signaling devices such as toggle switches, signal towers and operating mode switches. The ETTs do not require a cooling fan and all connections are located on the bottom, which simplifies installation and maintenance.

Reliability, robustness and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are essential properties of the SIGMATEK HMIs. The integrated 4 mm glass surface is completely dust-tight and easy to clean. During development, attention was paid to ensure that the displays, including sensors, are fit for industry and durable.

Logo Backlighting with Added Value
Externally, the ETT multi-touch panels have a modern simple frameless design. A back-lightable logo gives the new panel series that special touch. The monochrome logo backlighting can be controlled via the application in any color (RGB). The ETT can therefore be perfectly integrated into the corporate design of the machine or equipment. The logo also lights when the touch screen goes into idle mode. It would then be also possible for the user to program an alarm in the software and the backlit logo blinks when an error occurs - a clever distinguishing feature with added value.

Even the Software Speaks Multi-touch
In addition to the high performance of the panels, the efficiency of the visualization software is key factor. Only when hard and software interact perfectly, multi-touch is a fully integrated operating concept. The operating system and software must support multi-touch functions and make them configurable. The SIGMATEK panels are delivered with a Linux-based real-time operating system and the object-oriented development tool LASAL, which is well equipped for the creation of intuitive 2 to 10-finger touch applications. Software-designed operating areas can be comfortable implemented with the tools LASAL CLASS and LASAL SCREEN. The HMI application structures are modularly constructed and scalable, so that they fit for different panel sizes and can be easily changed and expanded. Various machine sizes or types can use a uniform user interface with an identical look and feel.

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