Sigmatek GmbH & Co. KG
Sigmatekstraße 1
5112 Lamprechtshausen - Austria
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Supplier's articles
CPU & Control Modules
Stepper Motor Module
High-performance Multi-touch Panel
Flexible Machine Safety
Control and I/O System
Multi Touch Operating Panels
Multi-touch Operating Panels ETT
Motion Control Package
Engineering Tool Lasal
Lasal for Servo Axes Synchronization
16-Channel Output Module PW 161
Control Cabinet PC With HMI-Link
4-Channel Analog Input Module
Manufacturer & Platform-Independent Data Exchange
Positioning Module
Processor Modules
Control Panel
I/O System
I/O System
Handheld Panel
Industrial PC
Remote HMI Solution
Mobile All-in-one Panel
Industrial PC
Control Panels
Compact Edge Controls
Real-time Ethernet System
Varan I/O module VDM 086