Mobile All-in-one Panel

For robotic and handling applications

  • Mobile All-in-one Panel
    Mobile All-in-one Panel

Sigmatek provides with the mobile HGT 834 Control Panel a complete solution for robotic and handling applications. This panel unifies control, visualization and operation. With the high-performance, low-loss EDGE technology processor, the device can also control the periphery modules of a machine or system such as conveyor belts. The control panel also provides a 8.4" TFT color display with touch screen and 10 function buttons with LEDs. Frequently required functions can be programmed and called using the buttons. A micro SD card is used as the storage medium for the operating system, application software and application data. The panel is equipped with numerous standard communication interfaces: USB, USB Type Mini, Ethernet, real-time Ethernet Varan bus and CAN. As the safety elements, a 3-stage confirm button, emergency stop button and key switches are integrated. Manual operation of the machine in the danger zone is only possible with the middle setting of the confirm button. By completely pressing or releasing the button, the machine stops. Varan enables bus cycle times below 100 µs at less than 100 ns of jitter and therefore provides the required determinism for fast motion applications.

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