Motion Control Package

Integrated into the programming or project software LASAL CLASS

  • Motion Control Package
    Motion Control Package

Nearly every machine module today contains electrical drive technology. The more complex the drive design, the larger the software component becomes. Modern object-oriented engineering tools like Lasal from Sigmatek prove especially efficient, since they support drive train concepts. The motion control package, Lasal Motion, is seamlessly integrated into the programming or project software Lasal Class.

During development, the most attention was focused on the simple use and efficiency of the axis commands. Several axes can therefore be synchronized with just one command call. Synchronization can be achieved through speed, position, position offset, with gearing in real or virtual axes. The motion control is independent of the hardware used, which additionally increases flexibility. From the customer perspective, it is irrelevant whether a hydraulic axis, servo motor or similar device is controlled. The instruction call is always the same. For frequently required functions, the Lasal drive library provides a large selection of pre-constructed motion function components.

The spectrum ranges from simple single-axis to complex multi-axis applications. Positioning, electronic cam, path control with transformations for robot kinematics, CNC functions and synchronization of multiple axes in space. Jerk-limited motion profiles or dynamic safety zone monitoring are also included. The application technician can select the fitting module from a toolkit system, simple load it into his project and after setting a few parameters, start the project directly or run a simulation. Motion control tasks can therefore be comfortably implemented without the user having to program anything.

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