New Quality Standard Reached for Manufacture of Gears

Innovative thermoplastic PEEK gear solutions rewarded

  • New Quality Standard Reached for Manufacture of Gears
    New Quality Standard Reached for Manufacture of Gears

Thanks to the performance of its gear design and manufacturing facility, Victrex has been awarded with the IATF 16949 certification. Victrex has achieved a new milestone for its automotive offerings, extending its material expertise to the design, development and manufacture of gears, to provide a fully integrated and innovative approach to thermoplastic PEEK gear solutions. PEEK polymer is a member of the PAEK (PolyArylEtherKetone) group of polymers. This enables Tier 1/OEM customers to work with only one partner from concept to commercialization. 

“Attaining this certification was a major goal for us”, Andy Walton, Director Automotive at Victrex

Andy Walton, Director Automotive at Victrex, explains: “Attaining this certification was a major goal for us. It unequivocally demonstrates that Victrex has the quality systems and capability to supply turnkey PEEK gear solutions into the mainstream Tier1/OEM supply chain. A major European car manufacturer has already taken advantage of our gear design approach, as our ability to look at the whole system, not just the gear was invaluable. We are also working on numerous other programs with global OEMs in other geographies, including the US.” 

Enhanced gear offering

Their gear solutions include high-precision gear design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing capabilities using Victrex HPG polymers. Furthermore, Victrex HPG-based thermoplastic gear solutions for ICE and Electric Vehicle Platforms deliver significant benefits such as improved NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) performance as well as enhanced efficiency reducing CO2 and system cost reduction. Moreover, Victrex is driving adoption and acceleration of new product solutions such as the gears offering, delivering cost-effective solutions that improve reliability, reduce recalls, and increase warranty periods.

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