New Research Results in Sensor and Measuring Technology

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AMA Conferences link international professionals

New Research Results in Sensor and Measuring Technology
New Research Results in Sensor and Measuring Technology

The AMA Conferences SENSOR und IRS² are considered to be international networking platforms for experts in sensor and measuring technology. Specialists from science and industry invite the participants to an exchange of ideas. The SENSOR 2015 conference, chaired by Professors Reinhard Lerch (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) and Roland Werthschützky (Technical University of Darmstadt), are particularly distinguished this year by a broad spectrum of technology, extending from NEMS/MEMS sensors to optical measuring systems. The presentations at the conferences include trends in gas sensors, micro and nano sensor technology, the advent of adaptive optics in measuring technology, novel sensors for medical technology, and future-oriented advances in flow technology.

"We also look forward to the exciting key notes from our colleagues in the areas of adaptive optics, microwaves, and structure-integrated sensors," says Lerch about this year's conference program. "The conference audience can also expect presentations on new trends and developments in the area of sensor principles, design, and materials as well as novel applications in automotive, medical, and gas technologies, and sensor self-monitoring. Sensor applications for safety and security, smart grids, and smart homes complement the program," says Werthschützky. Moreover, the conferences ensure a close intermeshing among the research results from institutes and their industrial applications dealt with at the parallel SENSOR+TEST trade fair.

The IRS² conference, chaired by Professor Gerald Gerlach (Technical University of Dresden), is dedicated to infrared sensors and measuring systems. "We're counting on a high industry participation this year. FLIR Systems, the renowned American supplier of infrared measuring and camera equipment will be there to present an overview," Gerlach reveals. IRS² is focused again on "Recent Developments in the IR Industry." The conference participants are to gain an insight in the developments and trends in equipment and applications, such as the use of photon upconversion in silicon-based MWIR detectors by the Fraunhofer IPM in Freiburg or the type II grid radiation thermometer from the Land Instruments in Britain.

The poster session in the AMA conference area is aimed at internationality and will deal with further cross-discipline research approaches in sensor and measuring technology. The parallel SENSOR+TEST trade fair with more than 500 exhibitors from Germany and abroad offers a further opportunity for the conference participants to network.

You can obtain the complete program of AMA Conferences 2015 and further information here.

Posted on March 25, 2015 - (63 views)
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