One Flowmeter, Different Solutions

Last year Aichi Tokei Denki launched its new AS-W ultrasonic flowmeter for fuel gas worldwide, which immediately convinced many users for its flexibility and the ability to solve common problems caused by ordinary gas meters

  • One Flowmeter, Different Solutions
    One Flowmeter, Different Solutions

Since Aichi Tokei Denki started to offer its Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Fuel Gas “Model AS” in limited regions, the meter has been well received as it solves various problems occurring with ordinary gas meters. In 2018, its world wide Version, the Model AS-W, has been newly launched to deliver such solution to a wider audience. Here are presented some application stories for the AS-W, successfully employed in different industries.

Case 1. Gas Distribution Company A 

Propane Gas was the company’s main distribution until 2011 so that drains were found still adhered around moving parts of their roots gas meter during our visit we made in 2015. At that time, although their main distribution was changed to Natural Gas their roots gas meter showed measuring problem in accuracy with affection of such left drains. 

Solution 1

After replacement with AS-W meter was implemented, problem disappeared because it applies no moving parts in its measuring tube. Meter became to have stable measurement. 

Case 2. Gas Distribution Company B

At Natual Gas distribution site with mid-pressure, sticking foreign materials inside distribution pipe causes damage / wear on rotation part of their turbine gas meter. This would eventually cause measuring problem

Solution 2

After replacement with AS-W meter was implemented, problem disappeared. Remaining drains inside the pipe were just blown off to downstream side leaving no contacts on the moving parts of the meter. Meter became to have stable measurement. 

Case 3. Manufacturing Factory A

Economic environment decides size of production, full or occasional operation of the line so that the factory has variation for amount use of gas. Their gas meter was not capable to measure wide rangeability of the variation so the small flow was not being measured. 
This factory was thinking to add another gas meter on the same line for small flow. 

Solution 3

Wide rangeability of AS-W Series meter offers 1:400. One meter makes small flow measurable and user can save cost. This should also be helpful for pipe leakage detection

Case 4. Manufacturing Factory B

Production line was enlarged but no space for another gas meter installation was found. 

Solution 4

This comparison photo removes your worry for sure. It requires only tiny space.

Case 5. Apartment housing

There was a demand to improve residential safety by preventing gas leakage from pipes of apartment housing. 

Solution 5

Connection of AS-W meter with RTU and GIS enabled the timely monitoring of change curve of gas which is rarely consumed at midnight, and it lead to accurate judgment whether there is leakage from pipes of subjected apartment housings

Case 6. Manufacturing Factory

Gas consumption was increased by the facility expansion. Measurable flow range of a flowmeter currently in use cannot cover the increased flow volume. Moreover, additional flowmeters had to be installed in a newly built canteen on the same premise.

Solution 6

1 piece of AS-W meter with wide rangeability 1:400 covered facility expansion. There was no need to prepare meters separately for each production site and canteen. 

Ultrasonic Flow Meter ATZTA AS-W Series

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter ATZTA AS-W Series for Fuel Gas covers wider range from small to large flow rate than roots meter and turbine meter, contributing to accurate measurement, cost saving and convenient facility management. The structure of measurement portion is very simple with only 2 ultrasonic sensors. Measurement without mechanical moving part has various advantaged features: 

  • High durability against oil, mist and dust
  • Accuracy is unchanged even after use of long period of time
  • Free from maintenance. Repair of parts and periodical refuel of lubricant oil are not required
  • Pressure loss being closely “0”, so it can get rid of the pressure shortage risk

1: 400 wide rangeability enables to adapt to various users’ applications under wide changes in flow volume. The lightweight and compact design can achieve more space-saving installation than diaphragm type gas meter.

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