Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Compressed Air

These ultrasonic flowmeters are free from energy loss, strong against oil mist and dust, and help to decrease electric consuming

  • Ultrasonic flowmeters produced by Aichi Tokei Denki
    Ultrasonic flowmeters produced by Aichi Tokei Denki

Aichi Tokei Denki presents two series of ultrasonic flowmeters for compressed air, ATZTA TRX e ATZTA TRZ. They help to decrease the electricity consumed by air compressors.

Ultrasonic flowmeters which can measure both forward and reverse flow

Ultrasonic flowmeters for air enable appropriate air consumption management, pipe leakage detection, and effectiveness optimization of air compressor operation, which resulted in increasing companies who make actions for cost saving. Ultrasonic flowmeters adopt propagation time difference method. They are strong against oil mist and dust, they have no energy loss and a wide range 1:60 (1:400). They can measure both forward and reverse flow.

Ultrasonic flowmeters with applications for electric reduction and leakage detection

They can reduce electricity of air compressors: as for air compressor operation effectiveness, it is contributable for energy conservation by understanding load efficiency from consumed amount of air by the hour, and by reviewing compressor operation. Another application is the leakage detection of air pipes: subtle pipe leakage is also measurable with the wide range ability 1:400 from measurement starting flow rate to maximum flow rate. Appropriate air consumption management is achieved by eradicating pipe leakage, and which enables operation under appropriate cost management without any waste