Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Compressed Air

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For electricity consumption and cost reduction

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Compressed Air
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Compressed Air

Many factories do not monitor air consumption due to such consciousness that air is free of charge, while excessive supply correction, improvement of air pipe leakage and activities such as optimization of compressor performance effectiveness encourage the reduction of compressor electricity consumption of the entire factory.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Aichi Tokei Denki for compressed air: ATZTA TRX and TRZ series will help you with decreasing the electricity consumed by air compressors.

  1. Pressure loss 0: Energy loss 0 
    The shape of measurement part of flowmeter is straight like as pipe, which does not structurally generate any energy loss.
  2. High durability: Strong against oil, mist, dust and humidity.
    Our ultrasonic measurement method is rarely affected by those external factors. Filter installation is not necessary.
  3. Wide rangeability (1:400)
    Even very small leakage is detectable. Leakage eradication achieves the most appropriate air consumption control under the reasonable cost without any waste.
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Aichi Tokei Denki Co Ltd
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