ORC Cogeneration System

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For combined steam and power production in manufacturing processes

Industrial Equipment & Supplies

ORC Cogeneration System
ORC Cogeneration System

The new Steam & Power (ST&P) ORC system is launched by Turboden together with Bono Sistemi, technical partner of the project. It allows the production of electricity and a valuable high temperature heat carrier, such as steam, directly exploitable in manufacturing processes.

The innovative principle of Steam & Power ORC is the temperature level of the cycle, allowing the cogeneration of electricity and medium pressure steam with a very high overall energy efficiency. Effective CHP (combined heat and power) systems satisfy directly the thermal requirement of the manufacturing process minimizing energy losses. Many manufacturing processes require thermal energy in the form of steam, with different pressure levels depending on the application, such as: Food & Beverage, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Paper & Wood industry, Textile, Plastic & Rubber, Oil & Gas, Wood pellet.

Steam & Power ORC will be a new, sustainable, efficient, complete and economically profitable solution conceived to satisfy these manufacturing processes requiring relevant amount of medium pressure steam.

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