Overview of Sensor and Measuring Technology

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AMA Association: Updated Directory of Suppliers 2013/14

Overview of Sensor and Measuring Technology
Overview of Sensor and Measuring Technology

The AMA Association for Sensor Technology (AMA) just published an updated version of its Sensor Industry Directory. The 90-page brochure provides information on the broad range of offerings in sensor and measuring technology. The publication can be ordered from the AMA Association or be accessed online.

The AMA Association for Sensor Technology is an important network and the representative of the interests of the sensor and measuring industry. Its detailed directory provides an overview of the products and services of its members: In the area of research and development, production and distribution, or supplier and service provider - the AMA links up innovators and is a primary contact for technical questions dealing with sensor and measuring technology.

"Our Directory of Suppliers gives users a structured synopsis of the products and services of our 480 members," says Dr. Thomas Simmons, AMA's managing director. "Interested parties can find suppliers for their concrete application according to parameters and key technical terms. Moreover, on our homepage we also have an online version of the directory where you can search for special sensors and keywords."

The printed version is divided into three sections: The first part lists the various parameters from geometrical measuring parameters to technological developments and system integration. The middle part of the directory contains the contact data of the members in alphabetical sequence. The third part has an index of keywords from absolute pressure to x-ray spectrometer.

The printed AMA Directory of Suppliers can be obtained free of charge from: AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V., Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 15, 14059 Berlin, Germany. For online access, go to www.ama-sensorik.de/Branchenverzeichnis.

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