Phoenix Contact: Increase in Turnover of about 13 percent

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More than 1,000 employess worldwide

Phoenix Contact headquarters in Blomberg
Phoenix Contact headquarters in Blomberg

At the automation show SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg, Executive Vice President Roland Bent announced on occasion of a press conference that Phoenix Contact will end the year 20111 with an increase of about 13 percent. This represents a total turnover of around 1.5 billion euros, which is 170 million euros more than in 2010. Despite of some uncertainties, the company predicts further growth in 2012 exceeding average growth in our sector. Over the course of the year, our employee base has increased by 500 at the two headquarter locations in Blomberg and Bad Pyrmont alone. Internationally, the permanent employee base will have been increased by round about 550 new additions by the end of this year.
"To ensure sustained, long-term company growth, Phoenix Contact revises its organizational structure. Within the sales companies, we need to have three segment organizations that are oriented towards the specific requirements of the different market levels. Each of these will be designed to accommodate specific customers and provide a clear-cut contact person structure", Bent said.
The core of the new sales organization is formed by the "Industrial Components and Electronics" segment, which comprises the entire area of product sales in and around the control cabinet. Specialized sales groups will be formed for selling connection technology to device manufacturers. In order to meet increasing customer demand for complex, comprehensive solutions in the area of automation applications, a third segment will be established for the sales companies to be able to address such requirements from an industry-specific perspective.
In order to allocate a similarly oriented product organization to the restructuring of sales, Phoenix Contact has reorganized its five existing business areas. An expansion to eleven prospective business areas aims at creating new space as well as additional momentum for growth. The strategic bundling and the formation of clear interface points to the sales segments will be given through a new grouping of the business areas into divisions, which will reflect the sales segments.
The global mega trends of energy, mobility, and solutions for increasing urbanization have led Phoenix Contact to identify four priorities in industrial solution sales: automotive, wind power, solar power, and urban infrastructure (water/wastewater, transport infrastructure, energy distribution).

Posted on November 23, 2011 - (305 views)
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