Piezoelectric Accelerometer

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2.8 pC/g sensitivity

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Piezoelectric Accelerometer
Piezoelectric Accelerometer

A compact and lightweight adhesive mounted piezoelectric accelerometer Meggit Sensing Systems’ Endevco model 2226C is designed for the general purpose vibration testing of smaller structures and objects. With a sensitivity of 2.8 pC/g, it features a top mounted 10-32 receptacle for easy installation within space constrained environments. As it weighs 2.8g, mass loading is effectively minimized. Units are designed to reliably operate over a temperature range of -55 to 177˚C. They exhibit excellent output sensitivity stability over time. As a self-generating device, the accelerometer requires no external power source for operation. Although signal return is connected to the case, a user may isolate signal ground from the mounting surface by installing the unit with non-conductive adhesive. A low-noise, flexible coaxial cable, the Endevco model 3060D-120, is supplied for error-free operation. Other recommended accessories, sold separately, include the model 133 three-channel piezoelectric signal conditioner; the model 2771C remote charge converter; the model 2775B signal conditioner; model 6634C vibration amplifier; or the model 4990A (Oasis) multi-channel signal conditioner. With its compact design and performance attributes, the device is ideal for general in-laboratory vibration testing, small package testing, engine vibration monitoring, automotive and aerospace component testing, and down-hole drilling tool vibration measurements.

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