Pressure Sensor with Different Measuring Ranges

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High accuracy of the full scale

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Pressure Sensor with Different Measuring Ranges
Pressure Sensor with Different Measuring Ranges

E+E Elektronik released the EE600, a differential pressure sensor with ±0.5% accuracy. Ideally suited for HVAC applications, it suits air and all non-flammable and non-aggressive gases. 
Two versions are available: the first has a range 0…1000 Pa, the other 0…10 000 Pa. 

Analogue output and configurable display

The sensor offers four measuring ranges, selectable via DIP switches. Moreover, the analogue output and display illustrate measured data as voltage and current signals at the spring loaded terminals. 
The EE600 is fully configurable; via the DIP switches on the electronics boards, users can adjust the settings, setting up zero and span points. 
The IP65 / NEMA enclosure makes installation easy and protects the sensors from external agents. 

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E+E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H.
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E+E Elektronik offers a wide range of sensors and transmitters for reliable and highly accurate measurement of relative humidity, temperature, dew point, air velocity, moisture in oil, co2, mass flow.

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