Pressure Sensors

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For sub-sea level measurement

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Pressure Sensors
Pressure Sensors

Packaged 316L stainless steel wetted parts including the pressure sensing element, housing and electrical connection, the AST 4000 series of pressure sensors from American Sensor Technologies survives sub-sea environments. Even deep in the ocean where oxygen levels are low and water movement continuous, pitting and crevices of the sensors are minimal due to their construction. As the sensors have a one piece 316L construction and a thick diaphragm membrane without any welds or O-rings, they are ideal for sea level measurement. The diaphragm is thicker, leading to longer life, as there is no potential leak path, and only one material to consider. Pressure sensors that employ a separate diaphragm than the pressure port must ensure wetted materials of the pressure port are compatible with stainless steel. Electrical termination is also a key factor for sub-sea applications. The pressure sensors use a wet, pluggable style connector that can withstand 68.9 MPa of pressure. Made of 316L material, it completely seals the electronics of the pressure sensor. The threaded connector is made with gold contacts and glass reinforced epoxy to maintain media compatibility and long-term use. The sensors provide gauge, sealed gauge or compound gauge pressure measurement in ranges up to 68.9 Mpa. They are calibrated and temperature compensated to ensure stability over specified ranges. Units offer accuracy of < + 0.5% BFSL at 25ºC and long-term stability of +0.25% full scale output per annum. Offering a wide range of options for OEMs, system integrators and end-users, the sensors can be constructed as a millivolt output pressure sensor, amplified output pressure transducer, or 4-20mA loop powered pressure transmitter using MEMS technology.

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