Proportional Solenoid Valve Digital Amp

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Enables easy and simple way of digital configuration

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Proportional Solenoid Valve Digital Amp
Proportional Solenoid Valve Digital Amp

The VAC Series digital amp from Santest can be applied to set up Null, Gain and current output valve of a proportional solenoid valve easily quickly by PC or touch panel via RS-232C. Solenoid current is 0 to 1000 mA. Just by replacing an amp with VAC, you can use the existing valve as it is while eliminate troubles in setting values at the same time.

As it sets output current value at on/off and rise/fall time by 1 mA, you don't need to adjust Null and Gain trimmers while observing current or voltage value. The monitoring function provides status update of input/output, input voltage and output current values on PC or touch panel. Equipped two-piece connector enables to be removed and installed during the system is operating, which makes easy to I/O checking avoiding solenoid current.

VAC Series can set several amps with the same parameters. As the parameters can be stored and duplicated in your PC, it is very easy to use them when changing amp value or adding new units. Emergency stop signal, noise filter for contact input, and LED in the front panel for power supply & alarm are all equipped. DC24V power supply, 1.2A consumption. Its operating temperature is 0 to 50 Celsius. Dimensions are 32W x 120D x 200H, weight 600g.

The VAC Series have two types, VAC-V for voltage input and VAC-S for contact input.

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Santest is the leading global importer and exporter of industrial equipment parts of Japanese origin, such as rubber transmission belts, ball bearings, generators, oil seals and is also the developer and manufacturer of mechatronic instruments such as transducers, electro-hydraulic systems. Through advancing the state-of-the-art contributions while maintaining extraordinarily high quality standards, Santest has dedicated its efforts towards optimizing the performance of magnetostrictive displacement transducers to facilitate their successful use in cases where incremental encoders can be replaced by these absolute transducers. Improvements in R&D, manufacturing and reliable delivery have elevated accuracy standards so that new applications are occurring daily in detection systems for advanced industrial applications and specialized machinery.

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