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New Industrial Products

Retaining Rings for Any Applications

Smalley’s systems are ideal for engineers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, off-hghway and oil & gas industries

Posted on February 9, 2016 - ( views)

by Sara Ibrahim

Smalley retaining rings are available off the shelf in carbon steel, 302 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.

Unlike die-stamped circlips / retaining rings, Spirolox® Retaining Rings (Spiral Retaining Rings) and Constant Section Rings are coiled on edge to the exact diameter required. Spirolox Retaining Rings have a uniform cross-section (or to use our terminology, No Ears To Interfere within an assembly) and are free of burrs. Spirolox Retaining Rings meet military and aerospace specifications and are found in thousands of mechanical products around the world.

Smalley also manufactures Laminar Seal Rings. A Smalley Laminar Seal Ring is a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove. This arrangement of the rings and the specific orientation of the rings are dictated by the application and the severity of the environment.

Main features of the Retaining Rings

  • Spirolox Retaining Rings have No Ears to Interfere® with mating components;
  • Smalley Constant Section Rings are Circular-Grain, coiled not stamped;
  • Over 6,000 standard retaining rings (1/4' to 16', 6 mm to 400 mm diameters) in Carbon and Stainless Steel;
  • No Tooling Charges™ on custom retaining rings (.200' to 120', 5 mm to 3000 mm diameters);
  • Exotic alloys available;
  • Smalley retaining rings are easy to install and remove.

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