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    Retaining Rings

Smalley Steel Ring Company announces the launch of the new Metric Hoopster Retaining Rings. The new retaining rings offer an innovative way to retain mechanical components when space is a problem. The ring's minimal radial projection and shallow groove depth allows the product to fit where regular stamped rings and retaining rings cannot. The retaining ring's low profile, precision circularity and small radial size allow it to be an unobtrusive component in an assembly. The retaining rings are suitable for light to heavy loads and are ideal for thin wall tubes. An additional advantage of the product is its potential for high thrust capacity. The low radial profile will not twist or deform under load as with conventional retaining rings. As an extension to the company's Hoopster retaining rings, the new metric series offers engineers added design flexibility. Over 150 new rings are available from 10 mm to 76 mm in carbon and 302 stainless steel. The retaining rings are easy to install and remove without any special tools. Specials can be made with No-Tooling-Charges. Internal housing rings are available with an optional bent end (removal provision) to simplify the process. The supplier offers complete information on the new retaining rings including a new catalog supplement featuring part numbers and material options.

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