Smart Brushless DC-Servo

Stepper motor with 28 mm flange and integrated controller

  • Smart Brushless DC-Servo
    Smart Brushless DC-Servo

Nanotec presents the PD1-C, a stepper motor with integrated controller and encoder. In a 28 mm flange size (NEMA 11), this compact smart servo achieves a maximum holding torque of 18 Ncm and a peak current of 3 A. Three motor versions are available: one with protection class IP20, a version with IP65 and a motor with open housing that can be modified for applications with customer-specific connectors.

Single-turn encoder

A CANopen and a Modbus RTU interface facilitate parameterisation, and Nanotec's free Plug & Drive Studio software ensures user-friendly programming. The PD1-C's single-turn absolute encoder further enhances performance through closed-loop control. The compact design of this stepper motor makes it ideal for applications where space is at a premium, effectively reducing both wiring complexity and installation costs.