Solvay and e-Xstream: Partnership for Automotive OEMs

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Speeding up metal to plastic substitution

Solvay and e-Xstream: Partnership for Automotive OEMs
Solvay and e-Xstream: Partnership for Automotive OEMs

Solvay Engineering Plastics, a global leader in polyamide solutions, and e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company, have formed a partnership to open source MMI1 Technyl Design for automotive OEMs. MMI Technyl Design is an advanced simulation service that offers industry players a tool to meet the challenges of light-weighting, a key driver for metal replacement especially in the automotive industry. "

China is the center of automotive market growth worldwide and Solvay's participation at Chinaplas provided the perfect opportunity to announce this important and exciting partnership," explains Peter Browning, Automotive Market Director for Solvay Engineering Plastics. "It is another significant step which will encourage automakers to switch to plastics thereby supporting the industry's challenges of light-weighting through metal replacement, a domain where Technyl materials lead the field."

MMI Technyl Design is a technological solution powered by Digimat, The advanced material modelling platform developed and supported by e-Xstream. It allies an extremely comprehensive encrypted database exceeding 7,600 files and allows for a wide range of calculations when integrated with injection molding process modeling. A powerful and high-performance product creating value throughout the design process, it accurately predicts the performance of injection-molded parts which, when replacing metals, ultimately contributes to weight reduction and part production costs.

Posted on May 14, 2014 - (73 views)
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