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Stepper Motors
Stepper Motors

The ultraflat, high torque DPM- 63S10 stepper motors from Delta Line with a step angle of 1.8° supports designers who require maximum torque and high positional accuracy combined with minimum overall height. This product when operated in microstep can achieve positional accuracy to <0.02° and with the right driver it can even run as a brushless motor. Thanks to the high torque, exceptional speed stability is possible at low speeds thus and where needed often eliminating the need for gearboxes/gearing solutions therefore keeping the installation space to a minimum. At high speeds, powers of up to 50W can be achieved with short power-up time. This powerful stepper motor is ideally suited to applications such as component feeders in the semiconductor market, automation equipment, medical pumps and laboratory equipment, inspection devices as well as, equipment for laser technology, test equipment, and monitoring / security cameras, the application possibilities are numerous.

Posted on November 14, 2011 - (90 views)
Delta Line S.p.A.
Via L. il Moro 4/B Palazzo Pitagora, MI3 City
20080 Basiglio - Italy
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