Traco Power Appoints Stefan Schaffhauser as its New CEO

Stefan Schaffhauser will assume the CEO position with the beginning of the business year on April 1, 2021, following Markus Dalla Monta retirement

  • Traco Power Appoints Stefan Schaffhauser as its New CEO
    Traco Power Appoints Stefan Schaffhauser as its New CEO

In keeping with a long-term succession plan, the previous CEO, Markus Dalla Monta, will retire as of July 2021, following a 35-year career at Traco Power. Stefan Schaffhauser will assume the CEO position on April 1, 2021. As of this date, he will lead the Traco Power Group together with the CFO, Adrian Berger. As before, Rolf Caspar – company owner and Chairman of the Board – will continue to concentrate his efforts on strategic issues in the firm, in conjunction with the board of director members, Jennifer Caspar and Ueli Wampfler.

During the past three years, Stefan Schaffhauser managed the international business team at Traco Power as their managing director, effectively contributing to a positive corporate development. Prior to his career at Traco Power, Schaffhauser was employed at various industrial enterprises in management positions and as a business consultant. He obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering and Management at the ETH (Confederated Technical University of Switzerland) in Zurich.

“It is a great honor for me to assume the management of this outstanding company”

Stefan Schaffhauser said: “Traco Power is situated extremely well financially, and we can build on innovative products, a strong brand, and an excellent company culture. I look forward to further advancing Traco Power together with my management team and our staff members.”

Stefan Schaffhauser is a Swiss citizen; he is 48 years old and lives in Central Switzerland with his wife and children. The company is well positioned to implement the group’s 5-year strategy and continue a positive employee culture, rooted in the new “Vision 2025” plan. The owner family and the board of directors believe this Vision 2025 plan will help pave the way toward a successful future for the Traco Power Group.

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