Trade Fair Duo With Worldwide Offerings

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33rd Motek and 8th Bondexpo with 1057 exhibitors from 25 countries

Trade Fair Duo With Worldwide Offerings
Trade Fair Duo With Worldwide Offerings

From September 6 to 9, the trade fair duo Motek, international trade fair for production and assembly automation, and the complementary Bondexpo, international trade fair for bonding technology, will take place in Stuttgart, Germany. With exactly 941 exhibitors (manufacturers and distributors) for Motek and 116 for Bondexpo, both internationally recognised technical trade fairs strive to set global standards in the areas of production and assembly automation, as well as bonding, joining and fastening technology.

With manufacturers and distributors from 25 nations, industry-specific worldwide offerings will be presented in a magnitude of inclusiveness unknown to date. Halls 1,3, 5, 7 and 9 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre have been reserved for Motek/Bondexpo, and are completely booked out as a result. Increasing numbers of foreign exhibitors, who make up roughly 20% of the total this time, are good news for the promoter as well as the expert visitors. And thus a trend is being carried forward which has been observed in recent years through all of the economic ups and downs - namely the trend towards growing participation of renowned foreign manufacturers and distributors who come to Motek to pay their respects to highly qualified expert visitors from all over the world, and at the same time to offer them comprehensive information.

From a total of 1057 exhibitors, 79 are assembly system fabricators, 13 are manufacturers of basic assembly machines, 98 are robot system integrators and 27 are robot manufacturers. And thus highly competent, know-how-oriented companies are providing international expert visitors with expertise for system solutions from a single source. And the list of exhibitors in the second special trade fair guide is highly respectable as well: screwing technology from 41 companies, joining, press-fitting, fastening and riveting also from 41 companies, soldering, welding and plastic welding from 23 companies and finally bonding, sealing, encapsulating and dosing from 43 companies. Both special trade fair guides can be viewed and downloaded from the Motek website at

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