VPInstruments in top 10 of Small Business Innovation top 100

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9th place for her latest product, the VPFlowScope M

VPInstruments in top 10 of Small Business Innovation top 100
VPInstruments in top 10 of Small Business Innovation top 100

VPInstruments has gained the 9th place of the “MKB Innovatie” (small business innovation) top 100 awards on September 29, 2016 with her latest product, the VPFlowScope M.

Design and advantages

The new design comes as two interconnecting modular elements: the transmitter (the “head”) and the VP Sensorcartridge (the “probe”). The old-fashioned way of submitting an entire instrument for recalibration has been abandoned; instead the sensor cartridge is simply replaced by a new one when the time comes, this is in fact cheaper and far less time consuming than going through the whole calibration process. Not only does this mean the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership, but users also benefit from zero down time in the field, ergo no loss of data.

Meters and monitoring equipment

VPInstruments provides real-time insight into the consumption of compressed air and technical gases. The equipment shows where, when and how much the usage is. And that is almost always significantly more than necessary. The innovative and user-friendly meters and monitoring equipment guarantee substantial savings. The web-based software of the VPVision monitoring system is the cornerstone of any energy management system with ISO 50001. 

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