Sunday, 24 September 2017

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Energy Efficiency business & industry

Fuel Cell System

provides an output power of 1.2 kW

Based on Ballard's modern FCgen 1020 stack the Nexa 1200 fuel cell system from Heliocentris Energiesysteme provides an output power of 1.2 kW....

Portable power grid and supply quality analyzer

Ideal for performing all types of energy studies

Completely user configurable, the AR6 portable power grid and supply quality analyzer from Circutor has a VGA screen, joystick, function keys...

Refrigeration Drives

provide energy savings

Covering a power range between 1.1-250kW, VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 from Danfoss provides the possibility to save energy and extend lifetime...

Bus bars, cooling devices and semiconductor fuses

for the power electronics application market

Mersen has bundled bus bars, cooling devices and semiconductor fuses with application expertise to the benefit of the customers in the power...

Energy Manager suitable for grid and off grid setups

reduction of site operating expenditure of up to 70%

Easily integrated into existing equipment, the Energy Manager from P21 gives telecom operators access to multiple solutions designed to reduce...

Energetically Autonomous Actuator

characterised by its wire- and battery-less operation

In close collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, iEXERGY showcases its intelligent and energetically autonomous...

Axial Fans with GreenTech EC technology

the EBM Papst i-maxx ACi 4400

Available off the shelf in a range of speeds, the EBM Papst i-maxx ACi 4400 with GreenTech EC technology achieves an air flow of 180 m³/h and...

Gears have 30% increased torque capacity

and a further 40% compared with the HFUC technology

Optimisation of the flex spline and circular spline gear form as well as the wave generator profile has increased the torque capacity by 30 %...

Stackable brake energy feedback units

for considerable energy savings

The feedback of brake energy into the power grid allows for considerable energy savings especially where a machine is operated in reverse mode....

Energy-efficiency certification for drive systems

Case study

Electrical drive systems account for over two-thirds of industrial electricity demand. The numerous drive systems available on the market can...

Factories of the Future

Meeting the Challenge of Energy Efficiency

European manufacturing must be sustainable in order remain competitive; energy efficiency is a key requirement of the factory of the future....

Energy Recovery

Emission Reduction in Manufacturing and Process Industries

The basis of the Energy Recovery> Emission Reduction (ER>ER) project [co-financed by the European Commission, DG Enterprise, under Sustainable...

Energy Management Systems (EnMS)

A stepping-stone for Energy Efficiency

Energy Management System (EnMS) is a well known practice since many years. Initially, it meant that a company assigned a person to develop and...

The Elephant in the Room

Where does funding for Energy efficiency investments come from?

There are daily announcements on the comings and goings of the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive (see for information on...

Energy Efficiency for institutional investors

How to make Energy Efficiency Investments attractive to Institutional Investors

Financing energy efficiency projects can be a challengeif no internal budgets are available and traditional credit financing is not an option....

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