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EEIP has developed a free mobile tool to improve communication

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Energy Efficiency is Mobile
Energy Efficiency is Mobile

Industrial waste heat recovery remains the true 'low-hanging-fruit' of industrial energy efficiency! Even only by better implementation of the existing energy-saving technologies and installation of more up-to-date equipment, the potential for the industrial waste heat in Europe remains high. By using process waste heat, Europe can save equivalent to the total energy consumption of Sweden.

Why waste energy? Industrial waste heat recovery is a common sense. With fluctuating energy prices, EU energy dependency and global competition, European Union and business need to form a new partnership. Innovative, competitive and ‘green’ manufacturing. It should include both manufacturers and solutions providers.

What we see is that industrial waste heat energy-saving technologies are here, financing is possible, regulation is supportive. So, what is stopping bigger uptake of industrial waste heat recovery? Would that be a lack of communication at the right place?

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) has developed and launched a free mobile tool to improve this communication, HeatRecovery+. HeatRecovery+ is a neutral from any solutions and it integrates information exchange on best practices, technologies with the first steps in an easy and up-to-date tool, at your fingertips. Energy efficiency is a peripheral issue for most businesses, and making a first step in considering recovering process heat is usually a big hurdle and occurs costs. HeatRecovery+ aims at that first hurdle and gives an initial assessment based on the actual experience. The result is an easy to understand evaluation, with links to further reading (KnowledgeHub) and external expertise (EnergyPages™).

To our knowledge, this is the first mobile application for industrial energy efficiency. We believe it is a step-changer. Energy efficiency represents a major opportunity but expertise remains fragmented over sectors and technologies, and bringing it to the fingertips on energy user is the future.

The app “HeatRecovery+” is free and available for Android and iOS, you can download it following links below. This version starts with the assessment for high-temperature heat, over 500C. There remain major potentials for medium and lower industrial heat, and EEIP is working on developing assessment tool for these as well. Install the application now and you will receive all the updates.

Android version:
iOS version:

Currently, the HeatRecovery+ is looking into higher temperature waste heat (over 500°C) EEIP are looking to expand the application to include medium and low heat waste heat recovery and invite your input and comments at

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